Strategic Action for Animals

First published in 2008 and considered a classic in the vegan advocacy literature, Strategic Action for Animals will soon be available in a new, fully updated edition.

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The vegan movement is growing in size and strength, but it still has significantly fewer resources than do animal agribusinesses. Given this tremendous power differential, how can vegan advocates hope to compete? The good news is that there is a way to shift the balance of power in favor of the movement. And strategy is that way.

What People Are Saying

I heartily recommend this book. Joy makes a strong case that animal advocates should seek, as Gandhi said, to bring opponents to their senses and not their knees.

Gene Baur, Cofounder and President of Farm Sanctuary and bestselling author of <i>Farm Sanctuary</i> and <i>Living the Farm Sanctuary Life</i>

I found Strategic Action for Animals to be a useful guide for improving our advocacy skills as well as working towards building a stronger movement. Whether you are an individual advocate or work for a large organization, this book serves as an important reminder that each of us plays a crucial role in helping create a more compassionate world, and that the animals are counting on us to be as effective as possible in bringing about positive and meaningful changes.

Erica Meier, Executive Director, Animal Outlook

Is it really possible that we’ve had to wait three decades since the launch of the modern animal advocacy movement for such a brilliant book on strategy? If only it had been written thirty years ago, I believe the liberation of animals from exploitation and cruelty would be close at hand. Thank goodness we now have Melanie Joy’s profoundly important insights in this short volume, and every animal advocate can read and heed them.

Zoe Weil, president of the Institute for Humane Education and author of <i>Most Good, Least Harm</i>, <i>Above All, Be Kind</i>, and <i>The Power and Promise of Humane Education</i>

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